The "unlucky" 
Project/s :(
Sometimes even the most beautiful projects have short life...

We are here to watch, learn, and be better any time, as someone said: 
"You never lose, just consider experience, experience"
| Miralax

Help Millennials conquer constipation before it hijacks their body & mind and holds them back.
| Pigeon

Redesign premium natural baby skin care range packaging structure and graphics to convince mums they are giving their precious babies the very best care!
| Frozen Coca-Cola

Design a Solution to Reduce Packaging Waste Without Sacrificing Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages Experience
| Spontex

Makes Hand Protection Appealing to a New Generation!
| Schweppes

Come up with a creative and innovative activation idea that brings the brand experience closer to consumers!
| Gillette

What would be your idea for the best ever collection of Gillette gift-sets?
| Sprite

Bring to life communication ideas for Sprite that will inspire the youth to be their own refreshing-selves!
| Sensodyne

The next Sensodyne science demo is in your hands!
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